Sunday, December 12, 2010

Howard & Sons

Howard and Sons, men at work from the land down under. 

OK, sorry guys, but they were playing this song on the main PA on your first day on site and it has become and 'earworm'. I have have been trying to get it out of hy head ever since and thought I might upload it to the Internet and get rid of it that way.  

This is Harry. He is one of the UK technical team of pyrotechnicians assisting the competitors in their set up and seen here looking with great skill and experience at some of Howard's shells. 

This is a local Oman TV presenter with great shoes for TV. She is setting up to interview Andy Howard. I am not sure who the the man is...

...but it is a great opportunity to for the cameraman to set the white balance.


This is Andy (he's the one not wearing a dishdasha)
And this is part of his firing system waiting to be loaded. I just love the order and the sense of anticipation emanating from the, as yet, empty flight cases

Howard fired the second to display in the championship. Just before the display was due to start a plane was spotted heading towards the site. This is not a good thing. The plane is the white spot in the middle of the sky (of course it is).

We go to considerable lengths to make sure that local airports are informed of fireworks displays in advance. In Oman we are not directly responsible for this and wondered if the airport were aware of our schedule. Fortunately, the plane made a sudden left turn about a mile off and Howards splendid display fired on time.

There are more pictures at

(...can't you hear the thunder... still there, damn!)

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