Saturday, October 8, 2011

Watney's Red Bleedin' Barrel

Just popped down to the déchèterie which is our local authority amenity recycling facility - formally ‘le tip’ - to recycle some bio mass when I happened to glance into the encombrant (general shit) container and saw this:

Anyone around in the 1960s will recognise it as the dispenser of a particularly unpleasant but ubiquitous alcoholic beverage which we were forced to drink for fear of turning teetotal.

Happier memories are conjured by the Monty Python Travel Agent Sketch which repeatedly referred to it in a derogatory manner. The ale drinkers among us took this to be support of the highest calible in our battle for real ale.

Of course the Campaign for Real Ale won the keg-beer versus cask-conditioned-ale battle and this hideous concoction was finally seen off for good in the 1970s.

I can only assume that some bloke has had this tap hanging around the house for years and died. Mrs Some-Bloke (after a suitable period of mourning) threw it out. Which was a bit short sighted:

Sold for £104 (plus delivery)

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