Friday, October 14, 2011

Lucien Rech - Adieu

Lucien Rech 20 May 1916 - 14 October 2011
Our neighbour, friend and the last man to farm Chicken Hill died in the early hours of Friday morning. In his 95 years he seldom left the immediate vicinity of Lauzerte except at the behest of the Third Reich who invited him to Stalag XA80 near Hamburg for a few years. 

One day sitting on his balcony looking out over the valley he said “It’s beautiful, why would I want to leave?” He died at home, lucid to the end and looking over the same view. We will miss him and his quiet, dignified presence. Our sympathies go to his widow, Juliette, son Alain and the rest of the family.


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  1. So sorry to hear the news. Our condolences to Juliette and family.

    Belinda and Graham