Thursday, October 6, 2011

A few days off: Bayonne

Not a lot to say about this town. It seems to consist of an endless ring road [Well, technically they are endless. Ed.]  linking out of town shopping centres. I am sure that if you could find the town it would turn out to be lovely and a great place to live, raise a family and all the other things that (yawn... can't be bothered to finish the sentence).

From the little I saw, this sign outside one of the Bayonne InterMarchés just about sums it up.

Then we went inside. 

Who would have put money on finding three Hyundais in a row?

This shop name looks like an English word but isn't. I can only think of two contenders: repulsion and expulsion, neither of which are exactly appropriate names for this sort of outlet. Also turns out to be a medical term meaning 'pushing out at the front' - subtle or what?.

Freud also uses it to refer to 'drive' or 'instinct'.

You choose.
Verdict: Time to head for the glitz of Biarritz.

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