Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A few days off: San Sebastian

Found the last parking space in the city and went to the old bit where the church housing the most famous artifact in the city, the Black Madonna, was closed. Well it was a Sunday and everyone needs a day off.

But we did see the Jesus in a Tree.

How do they do that?

Had some tapas ('pintxos' in Basque) including a not-quite Full English with a piece of bacon and a whole fried quail’s egg on toast which was actually extremely moreish. On reflection, I think that tomatoes, mushroom, sausage and a cup of tea would not have really added to the experience

The bar was showing some F1 cars driving at full tilt around a warehouse. Turned out to be the Singapore Grand Prix which seems to happen indoors. (If you know why please leave an explanation in the comments box at the end of this post).

I may not have been in the most receptive of moods, but the only other thing of note was a bent bicycle in a traffic light.


Then off to Orio and another lifetime first.

Verdict: RPJ, not one of the world's great travellers

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