Friday, October 28, 2011


A splendid festival, boot market, and celebration of all things agricultural, provided there is an engine attached...

As its name implies this is mainly about tractors, however the observant among you will have noticed that the event is called Tractomania (not TractoRmania) which is why I, who am obviously not that observant, could never find it on Google...

...but "Tell us more about the tractors" I hear you say. OK here are some used tractors:

And a rather nifty 5 seater coupé that looks as though it has never seen a muddy field.

There were big engines:

with  spark plugs to fit

Small engines:

And specialised engines for push bikes:

There were also bikes waiting for an engine transplant.  This one had been waiting for quite a while:

While this one had a certain elegance:

There were boxes of chainsaw parts:

Boxes of valve stems:

Boxes of  'miscellaneous' items

More boxes of 'miscellaneous' items

Piles of 'miscellaneous' items

A collection of claxons and headlights

Some pretty dreadful painted plates

Several steering wheels

And some rather handsome Meccano.

Having missed the Black Madonna in San Sebastian I was deighted to find her secular partner here in Caussade:

His Golden brother was not far away 


And their bagpipe playing cousin had dropped in:

In fact the little fat man was everywhere:

And the girls got a look in. Funnily enough some seemto have forgotten to dress properly and others appeared a little on the skinny side:

and there was a girlie oil drop...

There were also some idealised earth-mothers too, so all was well with the world.

Everyone had a wonderful day looking at rust in all its forms.

Speciality of the house: 'Saucison de Tractor'

In fact there was something for everyone (yes, Phil, I am talking about you and Mrs. P)

Roll on Tractomania 2012, it will be the exactly the same stuff, but a year older.

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