Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Victorian Values II

Quiz time: In which English City is Victoria Station? There are no prizes if you say "London". This is not becaue you are wrong but because it does not really need saying. Sure, there are Victoria Stations in other cities (well, I can only think of the Metro station in Manchester - but do let me know others) so it may be worth including this on a web site or directory, but surely the London terminus does not need clarification of its location above the door.

“Oh! I thought I was in Milwaukee…”
But apparently the management think it necessary to do just that.

But you can tell it’s London, the clues are all around. Not least evidenced by the bus drivers' casual attitude to cyclists.

Some poor sod is going to be seriously pissed off when he/she gets back to their bike.


Talking of things Victoria Station-toilet-related, travellers are required to part with 30p to use the station’s toilets. The sign helpfully explains that it is 30p for each visit. I wonder if they do a season ticket…
For the more discerning there is an altogether superior scatological experience only a few yards away at The Grosvenor Hotel


The entrance is somewhat understated, but this is the back door. 

Mind you the main entrance is no better.


But once inside it is rather nice

And you get serenaded to the facilities

The old toilets used to be on the ground floor but these are now kitchens. I wonder how many other people push their way into the kitchen in the process of loosening their trousers (oh… just me then)

The new toilets have moved down some very shiny stairs.


The urinals are kept apart by a sqaudron of ceramic sharks

And the wash hand basins have electronic taps 


and their own lights.

There are some high-tech hand dryers which I suspect are an attempt to mimic the rather splendid new Dyson driers. It must be said they fail miserably. 

Fortunately, there are also low-tech paper towels which are much preferred

 And all for nowt. Bargain!

Just don't tell anyone else.

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