Monday, February 14, 2011

Blood-Pig Level Maintenance – A Spam Update

I was idly cruising the ‘tinned meat’ aisle of a local supermarket when I came across this compendium of Spam.

Normally I would have passed by without it registering, but I had recently been alerted to the existence of American Spam Lite and it’s accompanying User Guide (see blog: Spam Lite etc...)

The UK user guide is a mundane affair and lacks the pizzazz of the US version. It only has three instructions where the US version includes the instruction '4. Slice and fry, or grill, bake, broil, microwave, eat cold'. (What is the difference between broil and grill?)

In addition the UK guide does not appear on the small tins or the version with black pepper. I assume the manufacturers have perceived some difference between the customers of these various products but hesitate to suggest what that perception may be. Please feel free to add a comment expanding on this below.

There appears be a drive to see how much pig the manufacturers can get into one product.

A sure cure for hypoporcineahaematosis - a condition
resulting from extremely low blood-pig levels

But you have to admire this porcine overload being a 'limited edition'

Appearing in a pig-shop near you soon:  Spam - The Directors Cut with pork, ham, bacon, lard and the odd trotter.


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