Saturday, February 5, 2011

Twinks, semis, boggers and a dump

The Royal Mail uses a lot of red rubber bands. Letters and the like are banded together according to postcode to facilitate efficient delivery. Many of our post delivery personnel do not seem to value them or make any attempt to re-use them. They prefer to donate them to the needy of Brighton using an informal distribution system involving gravity and pavements. Discarded rubber bands are usually found on or near street corners where the postcodes tend to change.

I have often wondered how much the Royal Mail spends on them. It is, of course, a rhetorical question and I do not really expect an answer. I tried to wheedle some information out of a passing postman but he was unable to provide any useful facts on the finances. However, he was quite forthcoming on a related subject.

Apparently post-people have their own nomenclature relating to the size, state and condition of the bands, or ‘rubbers’ as they are called in what I assume is an attempt to amuse our American cousins.

Crossing this road I found what I believe
to be a full house within a few feet.

A solitaire twink

A solitaire twink skanker

A perfect solitaire twink coil

A dump comprising two twinks,
a semi and two boggers.

Makes you proud, dunnit?


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