Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Chelsea Cabbage Show

There is a backstage 'best garden' competition for Chelsea production folk. Last year Herb won a Silver medal for his Safety Garden. This year's brief required "Innovation, Sustainability (liquid) and the inclusion (this year only) of fantastic creatures OTHER THAN GNOMES (which the judges feel have been rather overdone)" 

The Brief
Again the garden was inspired by Herb whose cabbage plants provided the central theme.

The Banner
The Blurb

The Brassicas

The Bait (and sustainability element)

The water feature
(just incase we had misunderstood 'Sustainability (liquid)' in the brief)

The Fantastic Creature*
However the display of edibles needed some context and Simon demonstrated a surprising ability to source and arrange a wide range of plants, props and materials to show the garden off in style.

The Flower Arranger / Scrounger assesses the display

Herb waits for the judges.
The judges arrive...


...and take the bait.
Due to work of a very important nature we missed the awards ceremony but managed to grab this quick shot of the judges deciding what to do next. We imagine the ceremony included words to the effect that...

"...the Gold goes to The Cabbage Garden"
[cheers, applause etc from the vanquished competitors]

The Medal

The Cabbage Garden in all its splendour


*The Fantastic Creature: The person who actually leaves the office when the fire alarm goes off.

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