Sunday, January 2, 2011

Follow the Bear...

Ahh! Remember the heady days of Hoffmeister? Yellow tin, lad-bear with a Rude Boy trilby, shitty beer, the stunningly effective strap line 'Follow the Bear' and only 59p (or 65p) a tin?

Well this has nothing to do with that.

This is about following this blog. Signing up to follow the blog will not do anything really useful other than make it look like I have lots of followers. It's not like facebook where you have LOADS of REALLY GOOD friends WHO LOVE YOU and can prove what a DEVASTATINGLY POPULAR person you are. It will not even email you to tell you there is a new blog for your delight. It just says 'I follow this blog'.

NO! It's true, I looked it up on the Blogger help page. It just lets other people know that the blogger has some readers. How crap is that?

But it's the best they can offer. So go on, hit the Follow button and let me know I am not blogging into the unknown.

[Yes, please do, if only to keep him off my back. He's stuck it to the top of the page by lying about the date it was posted and says he won't take it away until there are enough followers. Personally I think is a Messianic delusion. Ed.]

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