Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cool It

We have a nuclear power station about 20 miles down the road. They hide it behind trees, but everyone knows it's there.

Looking down the valley from Lauzerte we can see the steam rising from the cooling towers. On very still days the steam just goes striaght up. If there are no clouds it looks like racing stripes in the blue sky.

It is in a town calld Golfech. In the high street there is a restaurant called The Goldfish.... my, how we laughed.

There is a lake next to the towers. It has to be kept full (ish) so that there is always enough water to cool the reactors. We have had at least average rainfall recently but for some reason 'they' have drained the canal which runs through Golfech on its way from Bordeaux to the Med.

Half our local conspiracy theorists think that the lake is leaking into the canal so the canal has been drained to stop the radioactive water leaking into the Med, the others half think the canal has been drained into the lake because the reactor is overheating.

It's all nonsense on course... isn't it... you can never really be sure, can you...?

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