Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Closer My God to Thee

We’re back in Dubai and the highest Lego structure on the planet.

The ‘At The Top’ public viewing gallery on the 124th floor seems a little unambitious. But then the higher you go, the smaller the space, and the fewer people can be relieved of their cash in exchange for the opportunity to look down on Toy Town. 

It costs about £20 for plebs who book in advance and £70 for impatient plebs who want it NOW! Non-plebs get in for free – which is the way of the world (sigh!). 

Of course the biggest floor area is in the basement, but the cash-strapped locals have compromised at level 124. Of course this would be in contravention of the Trade Description Act if they had one, but I don’t think they do.

Anyway the lift goes to the 159th floor.

These are the nice people from French firework company, Groupe F. They have to get right to the top to install the highest man-made firework display on the planet.

To get to the top involves taking the stairs up to the 160th floor and then schlepping up several flights of very business-like stairs to the pointy bit.

To go past the 160th floor you have to sign in and out with this nice chap, who spends all day sitting at what must be the highest mundane desk on the planet.

[Is it just me or does all this highest man-made thing start to sound a little tired after a while? - Ed]

The 160th floor is also home to the highest mosque on the planet. It is also possibly the smallest mosque on the planet...

  – or will be when it’s finished.

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