Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tractomania 2012

It’s October so it’s Tractomania in Caussade.

This is the third time I have been to this tractor-and-rust-fest but it is easy to suspect déja vu as it seems indistinguishable from the last time.

More of the same

In order to maintain the traditional look there seems to be an agreement among stall holders to sell as little as possible and bring it all back next year. The usual ploy is to ask silly money and refuse to haggle. But one chap decided on the more subtle approach and used camouflage. One feels it would have been easier simply not to turn up, but that would not be in the spirit of the event.


Of course, despite their best efforts items do get sold and new stuff has to be brought in to fill in the gaps. For some reason this year it was anvils. They popped up everywhere. If you have ever tried to move a decent sized anvil you will know how unforgiving they are, so just imagine the work that must have gone into reducing this to its current condition.

It is sitting on a relatively good anvil for
comparison (serving suggestion only)

Once again I was lost in admiration by the enthusiasm, determination and obsession for attaching engines to bicycles...

... and all this  from the country that brings us the Tour de France.

Someone appears have also have been very enthusiastic about his lawn tractor sometime in the dim and distant past and lavished chrome on it

Pimp my ride-on

But not everyone was impressed

The Michelin family had invited their Dutch truck-driver associate. It seems he is not actually one of the family, but donned fancy dress in an attempt to emulate the fat man, and then inscribed his occupation on his legs lest there be any mistake.

And how’s this for a tow hitch? Someone with too much time on their hands.

A bargain at €250. No caravan should be without one.

I was also able to top up my collection of Stihl lovelies. 

Ashterix the Gaul?
Like her colleague from the 2011 event she does seem not to be wholly committed to the protective clothing generally associated with professional tree surgery and lumber jacking.

Of course there was much more to see but in the spirit of the event you might as well refer to last year’s blog  here: Tractomania 2011

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