Sunday, May 27, 2012

Faces in the Furniture: Thatched Roof

The thing about using rustic timber as a finish in buildings is that it will often include knots. For the uninitiated this is a knot:

And the thing about knots is that the grain of the wood tends to go around the knot and sometimes looks like skin. For the sake of economy see photo above which looks not unlike an eye with eyelids and a hint of crowsfeet.

Most of the Chicken Ranch which is not stone is rustic wood. The beams and volige (boards to hold the tiles) which make up the ceilings in the bedrooms are particularly rich pickings for the knot-eye hunter, and human beings are hard-wired to recognise eyes.

The volige has a thousand eyes

Lying in bed looking at the ceiling gives more than enough opportunity to see all manner of things, but for me these are mostly faces, both human and animal.

This is one of the more disturbing images.

For those who cannot see the nightmare vision let me say I had to move the bed to rid myself of this reminder of a very bleak period and a stark-raving-mad woman.

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