Saturday, February 11, 2012

Faces in the Furniture: Elvis has left (his mark on) the building.

Lauzerte has two bars in the square at the top of the hill, the Café du Commerce and the Puits de Jour.

The Puits de Jour is the first arch on the left
They have both been there for yonks. The Puits de Jour used to be called the Café Central. It has seen a lot of changes in the last few decades, but few of them are visible as you can see from this photo from taken sometime in the sixties. It could have been the 1860s (apart from the umbrellas).

The Puits de Jour is run by Mathieu and a staff which seems to vary by the day. Mathieu is a ‘muso’, that is to say that he has been in bands since for ever, and everything he does has a soundtrack. We all know people like him, in fact many of us are people like him - obsessed with music and seldom without a toon playing nearby. He has live music in the bar as often as possible. and puts on the occasional outdoor music festival. 

Here is Elvis pressing the flesh at one such event - well that's what I was told.

The bar is in a three story building (see photo above) and has a narrow gallery at first floor level. Looking up you can see the skylight for which the bar is named (puits de jour = well of light). I really should have taken some better pictures, maybe later…

ANYWAY…  the relevant point is that one day while having a beer I looked up to the gallery and there was Elvis, larger than life. I pointed this out to Mrs PJ but she did not recognise him. I took this picture to record the moment:

I have shown it to a few people but none have seen what I saw. 

Here is a clue:

Seemed obvious to me...

Uh, huh-huh.

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